Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How the Day Sounds

At work we listen to a lot of the same music over and over again. For the last two months or so, we've had a CD in rotation called Three Flights From Alto Nido by a guy named Greg Laswell. It's generally agreed that it's the only CD that we've been playing that the music dept. employees can still stand. I think the song "How the Day Sounds" is pretty damn solid.

My dad had a meeting with his oncologist to find out the results from the bone marrow test and CAT scan from a few weeks ago. It looks like there's no cancer in the bone marrow, which is a very good thing, and the doctor didn't have the results from the CAT scan. Which I don't quite get, but my dad doesn't seem too worried, because he said they did a CAT scan when he first went in with the kidney stone and they only saw the tumor in his abdomen. So who knows. But the bottom line is that he starts treatment on Monday with some drug that I've forgotten the name of but have written down, and it's some sort of drip. And he'll do that for three days, then go in the next week and get it for one day, and then the week after that, etc. for like 4 or 5 weeks. Then they evaluate. Anyhoo, that's the plan.

Strange thing: the kidney stone that my dad orginally went to the hospital for seems to have disappeared. Neither passed (that he knows of, and from what I've heard about kidney stones I get the idea that you can usually tell when you pass them) nor showing up on any sort of scans.

I feel a bit distant tonight. Wouldn't mind a G&T, but I think I'm going to abstain. The J-Dog is whipping up what smells like it will be a delicious veggie lasagna. I did help a little, but I've abandoned her to come fart around on the internet in the living room.

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Brian said...

that just reminded me to download that cd. thank you.