Monday, October 27, 2008


This morning I woke up with the word "effluvia" in my head, and I had no idea what the word meant, so when I got to work I looked it up. Feel free to view its meaning here.

I was off work today, except that I had to go in this morning for our weekly Monday-morning manager's meeting. This week's was especially painful. People seemed to be in their grumpy pants. Plus, I was going to use this week's meeting to start lobbying to get the right people working in my department for December, but because everyone was in their grumpy pants, my lobbying was not as successful as I would've hoped. I will continue my efforts throughout the month of November.

It was an overcast, gray day today. And after the meeting I went to the gym, and after the gym I came home and took a nap. And then my girlfriend came home from work early and we napped together. We both had spent the weekend working, so it was nice to get a little together-naptime in.

Tonight, we made our plans for our anniversary celebration, which will be happening in a few weeks. On the actual day of our anniversary, the J-Dog will be in her physics class, so we are celebrating on the following day, a Friday, and we're gonna go dancing at an American Legion hall. On a "50's and 60's" night. The website looked absolutely batshit crazy, so I'm both nervous and curious.

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