Monday, May 05, 2008

Opening day, G&T season

Well, I feel a little bit better today, although a few people at work commented that I didn't seem my "usual self." Whatever that might mean. But, nonetheless, I feel better. The J-Dog and I had a great day yesterday, got to go outside and lay in the sunshine in the park. The first park we went to, Herring Run, seemed to be infested with caterpillars, so we headed to Clifton Park and enjoyed looking up at the trees and planes and watching the golfers. And while I am not a hippie and love the good, old fashioned, American indoors, I have to say that gettin' outside and enjoying the trees and sunshine was good for the ol' psyche.

I've been thinking about recording lately, and, more specifically, my method while I was recording 'Long Drive Home.' I realized the other day that my method has changed a lot since then, most notably in the fact that I used to use drum samples looped together and layered on top of each other, and then play along with the constructed drum lines. I think I'm gonna go back to that method, with the exception that I'm going to create my own drum samples instead of finding pre-existing samples on the web. I've experimented with it a little bit in the last couple of days and the results have been promising. So I think I'm gonna spend the next month or so building up a library of drum samples, before I even start to think about other instruments. It kinda takes away the pressure of starting with nothing and then trying to finish the day with a mostly-completed song.

I enjoyed my first G&T of the summer tonight. It seems to be doing the trick.

Should have a busy day at work tomorrow, but hopefully that should make it go by quickly.

Oh, and I got a call from my brother tonight, who told me that, contrary to what I had previously reported not too long ago, they will not be having another kid. False alarm, apparently.

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