Saturday, May 03, 2008

Each week, of course...

Not too much going on. I feel like I could use a day off work, cause I've been tired and grumpy and and overly sassy lately.

Two nights ago Jeannie and I came into possession of a free ticket to a This American Life live satellite event that was beamed to a somewhat local movie theatre (and other theatres around the country). So that was cool, we headed down to a theatre in Columbia, MD and watched Ira glass talk about stuff. It was good to go on an unexpected date, and it was fun to see something live, something that wasn't afraid to show things going not-right (technical glitches, people adjusting to unexpected questions/situations on the fly) on a large, national scale.

Then last night we went to a dinner gathering of folks from Jeannie's job. Which was fine. Good food, low-key. Then I went home and watched the latest episode of LOST, which was pretty uneventful but not the worst episode ever.

Anyway, I feel like I'm ready for another vacation already. This sucks.

My sister and her husband will be in town for a visit this week. Looking forward to it.

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