Thursday, February 14, 2008

No spam today

Had the day off work and spent it working on music. Luckily, I've gotten pretty used to the ear ringing, so it didn't interfere with recording. And it didn't hurt to listen to music in headphones, as I thought it might, so that's a good thing. Worked on another one of my cousin's songs, and I'm pretty pleased with the results. Kinda repetitive, but hey, it's a repetitive song. And I think it's got a nice, simple groove.

It's nice that people are getting involved in the "flight vs. time travel" debate (super speed is so stupid I don't think I'm even going to include it in the title of the debate.) I don't think I will rest until I've convinced everyone that time travel is the way to go. Thus far, we've only looked at the benefits of traveling to the past, but I think the real fun stuff could come about by traveling to THE FUTURE! Example: you wanna fly? Then travel to the future where (theoretically) human beings will have invented personal jetpacks or learned how to genetically alter our DNA to grow functional wings. You want super speed? Travel to the future and see if any advances have occurred in teleportation. Anyway, a vote for time travel is a vote for coolness.

Speaking of voting, the Jeanners and I wanted to vote in the Maryland primary on Tuesday, but unfortunately, Maryland has a 'closed' primary, which means you can only receive the ballot for the party with which you are registered, and both J-Dog and I are registered as "unaffiliated." Which means we don't get to vote in either party's election. So my vote for former Governor Mike Huckabee went uncounted.

Some reviews for the show have come out, most notably in the Wash. Post. The reviews have generally been positive, and nobody's said anything bad about the set (yet), so I'm happy.

I guess that's about it for now.

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