Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Let's compare your male device and my I am sure that my is bigger

This is gonna be a three part blog.

Part I
: The title is yet another spam e-mail that I received today. My spams have begun to taunt me.

Part II: Today is the Jeanners' birthday. Happy birthday Jeanners! We both worked out our schedules to be off work (mostly), so after I worked this morning until 9am, we put on our long underwear and walked downtown . It was fun because it was cold and it started to snow while we were walking and it felt good to be off work together on a weekday and walking through the city. It took us about an hour to get downtown and we headed to the Federal Hill neighborhood to get some lunch, where we had some kick-ass pad thai (Jeannie = tofu, me = shrimp) at Thai Arroy. After lunch, we headed to the science center, because for her special day, Jeannie wanted to see the Body Worlds 2 exhibit, which if you don't know, consists of dead bodies that have been 'plastinated', which means that through some super-secret German process, the tissue is basically turned into a type of plastic and prevented from decaying. Then the bodies are kinda dissected and put into weird positions, and we get to look at them. I think that Jeannie and I were both kinda underwhelmed, because in the end everything looked pretty plastic-y, maybe only a step above one of those plastic torsos that you might use in a high school anatomy class. But, if you ever want to see some penises, you might want to consider seeing the Body Worlds 2 exhibit. (Because it has penises in it.)

Then, since we were at the science center already, we went and saw U2 in 3D at the Imax theater. I would like to point out that I did not force Jeannie to go see this on her birthday. In fact, I told her that I would go by myself some other time and she didn't have to go at all. But she wanted to. I was pretty disappointed with the whole thing. The 3D was pretty cool, but the show itself basically had all the bad parts of U2 (pretension, ego, preaching, etc.) without being very interesting musically or artistically or anything. The coolest part, I thought, was seeing the drum kit in 3D. And that's kinda sad, because I think the movie was shooting a lot higher than that.

So then the Jeanners and I walked home, and since we've been home we've been making an apple pie.

Part III: a few minutes ago, the J-Dog and I were talking, and I said that I thought having a time machine would be just about the coolest thing ever, and Jeannie said that she disagrees, that she would rather be able to fly. Which I think is total bullshit crap. I think it would be cool to fly, but it would probably get old after maybe an hour and a half or so. But with time travel, you have a lot more options. If you get tired of hanging out in dinosaur times, then you could go to the Wild West. Or you could visit past events in your life. The options are pretty much endless.

Poo time.


PKP said...

Well, it depends on how fast you can fly. If, like Superman, you can fly really, really fast, I would like flight better. Because you can pretty much be anywhere you want, whenever you want.

Anonymous said...

Much as it pains me, I'm with Dan on this one. Time travel is going to give you more options.

thebeej said...

super speed trumps both time travel and flight. tah dah. also, happy b-day to the jeanners!

PKP said...

Super speed? If I'm not mistaken, in my post I clearly stated that flight is only better if it includes super speed.

PKP said...

Although... with time travel, you could go back in time like 5 minutes any time you make a mistake. Like, if you're going to score with a lady but you screw it up, you can time travel back 5 minutes, kick yourself out of the way and say, "Let me show you how it's done, son." Then future you and current you can double team the chick. Everybody wins. Time Travel!

Jenna said...


I work on PR for the exhibit. I wanted to let you know that today, March 7 a new camel plastinate will be unveiled. If you are interested in coming back to the exhibit to see the new plastinate email me at jenna@himmelrich.com for more information.