Monday, January 21, 2008

The Water and the Mud, oh, The Water and the Mud.

Just got home from a meeting at Ian's place regarding the theatre company and our relatively immediate - slash - long term space needs. It was a good potluck dinner meeting, and while not a whole lot of really useful stuff came out of it, I think it at least got the ball rolling and planted some seeds in our heads.

Saturday night the J-Dog and I headed down to Pat and Teresa's cute new house outside of DC, and Pat's brother (Jake) and Jake's very pregnant wife (Carol) were there, and we had a tasty dinner of spaghetti and what I would say were Teresa's best meatballs ever. [actually, Teresa said they were her best, and while I agree that they were tasty meatballs, I've never had any of her other meatballs, and therefore can't really make the comparison. But I'll take her word for it and just say that they were her best meatballs ever] Then, after dinner we had what turned out to be quite a heated game of Phase 10, in which bad language was thrown around and I threatened to both divorce Jeannie and stick my thumb up Pat's butt. I am glad to report, though, that no threats (or curses) were made about Jake and Carol's unborn child (unlike some card games that I've heard about in the past). Anyway, the whole evening was just a damn good time, and it was nice to have a fun night playing cards and shooting the shit with a group of good folks.

My five days off work is over, and while I'm sad that it's over I have to say that I really enjoyed it. As previously reported, I've been feeling shitty and depressed lately, and after about day 3 of being away from work I started feeling more like myself again. So that is a good thing. I can now focus on getting the set for the show finished up, and not taking work too seriously, and life should be good in tha hood.

After reading about the poisonous chemicals (allegedly) leached by Nalgene bottles, Jeannie and I are pretty convinced that our future potential offspring will be blessed with a cornucopia of deformity and handicapped-ness.

Rumors in the air of a possible BJ visit in the foreseeable future...


Anonymous said...

Water and the mud? Is that a Bill Staines reference? I dig that song...sean

DOB said...

It is a Bill "Poop" Staines reference. I love that song very much. I was listening to it in the car before I came up and wrote the post, and that line was stuck in my head.