Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tom Waits is Awesome.

Listening to an interview with Tom Waits on NPR. He's pretty awesome.

Jeannie was slicing a jalapeno pepper and then got some of the oil in her eye. She was jumping around and whining like a little baby and then ended up pouring milk in her eye. That seemed to help.

I've been a total flake lately. I need to get my shit together.

I'm kicking the caffeine habit this weekend, as I seem to do about once a year. Caffeine is evil, I think. It turns me into a little bitch.

Tomorrow, rehearsal at HCCA. This week's gonna be a busy week, training some folks at work and then jetting to HCCA to finish up the set.

In my mind, me and the J-Dog are disappearing, running off to a deserted island. Waling on a lonely dark road into the woods. Getting on a plane and stepping off somewhere in the desert. Swimming in a lake somewhere where it's cold.

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