Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dick Dick Dick Dock

Dick Dick Dick Dock is the new band name that I came up with last night for maybe one day when I have a band. I think I will start storing band names on this here blog. Past band names include Paco and the Shitballs, and Jesus and the Rhythm Methodists. I have since found out, however, that the Rhythm Methodists is a fairly common band name. My Rhythm Methodists, though, was gonna be a big soul band with horns and shit.

Last night Jeannie and I went to the library downtown but it was closed. So then we went to Fells Point, where I bought 2 cd's from The Sound Garden. We then went to the Duclaw (which is now smoke free! And although I am a huge fan of smoking and I luv it, luv it, luv it, and although I think a smoking ban is totally bullshit and a violation of my [and most especially bar-owners'] muthaf@#$kin' rights, I have to say it was pretty awesome going to a bar and coming home smelling not like shit. Or at least no more like shit than I normally smell.), and had beers. Which was fun. The 2 CD's I bought were Before and After Science, by Brian Eno, and Smoke by White Williams. I listened to both CD's a bunch today and am enjoying them both very much. They go together very well. Smoke sounds kind of like an album that Brian Eno might make if he were just starting out today, I think. Although that's not really an original thought, because I read it in a review and that's what made me get the album in the first place.

I still seem to be existing in a cloud of self-pity. "I'm tired of my job...", "I don't have any friends...", blah blah blah. It's boring to write about and I'm sure it's boring to read about and it's boring to listen to. But nonetheless, it is what I'm thinking and feeling. Although over the last couple of days my active hatred of the job has settled into more of a deadening boredom. Which I think I can deal with. I'm usually pretty good at handling boredom.

Tomorrow morning I'm gonna make me some bacon n' schmeggs, and read some Great Expectations, and then go to work.

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JK said...

What about Duck Duck Duck Dick with Dick instead of Goose?