Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Jump They Say

This morning I eat the bacon and the eggs in honor of young Jack, who is enjoying his first day on this dirty, dirty planet. I look forward to the day when he and his brother and his parents and Uncle Rich and me and the J-Dog (and really, anybody else who wants to show up) sit down to a big table of bacon n'schmeggs and english muffins and juice and fruit and biscuits and fried potatoes and have what we like to call the Down Home Country Breakfast.

Last night I acquired in a less than legal fashion (it's out of print, how else am I supposed to get it?) (ok, it's actually available as a deluxe, double album edition, but I'm not paying $30 for this album) the album Black Tie, White Noise, by David Bowie. This is the album where I was first introduced to D.B., back in the early 90's, and at the time I remember thinking it was very strange but I was also drawn to it. I still feel the same way. It sounds pretty dated, but it's just a very strange mixture of a David Bowie record and, say, a Michael Jackson record. With a touch of C+C Music Factory thrown in. And I think he duets with Al B. Sure (!!) at one point. But I like it.

Also on the 'albums that time forgot' subject, I was looking online the other night to see if I could illegally acquire the album Mutiny, by Too Much Joy. Too Much Joy is a band from the 90's that most people haven't heard of, but there is not very much music that takes me back to high school as easily. They're a dorky rock band that's really damn catchy. So anyway, I was trying find this album to download, when I came across many copies being sold on for $1. Plus shipping. I felt a moment of shame when I realized that I was scouring the web to illegally download an album for free when I could, just as easily, legally acquire the same album for 100 pennies. Plus shipping. So I ended up paying the dollar (plus shipping) and the damn thing should be here in a day or two. My moment of shame has passed, though.

By the way, the irony/hypocrisy of my hatred of CD/DVD shoplifters living side by side with my penchant for less-than-legal downloading is not lost on me.

'Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.)'

I love that quote! It totally relieves me of having to be consistent and/or having character! It's so POMO!

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My friends quote Walt Whitman.