Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Holy Frijoles

Went to a semi-impromptu dinner last night with Elizabeth (who is in town from Chicago), Brian G, FCW and Sarah, and the Jeanners. It was a good time. Sad to hear that FCW is already bored by his relatively new job.

Let's see, what else? Yet another new group of shoplifters came by the B&N last night. Are there any actual, bona-fide customers who are willing to pay actual, bona fide money for expensive CD's and DVD's left? I am tempted to put up a sign that says SHOPLIFTERS, YOU HAVE WON. TAKE WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT. BLOW ME.

I worked a little bit on some music on Thursday (maybe?) morning, with mixed results. Have been doing a little bit of mixing here and there. Maybe I'll post some results when I've decided if I like them or not.

The Jeanners just walked in the door, home from work. I have eaten for dinner tonight: vegetable spuke ("rice with vegetables 'spuked' in it") and two chicken pot pies. I still feel hungry. A bit like a bottomless pit this evening.

Well, not much of interest going on, I guess. Looking forward to my day off on Thursday.

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A Akester said...


Ever since Jenna's Hollywood success and hearing that Danny moved out to LA, I'll occasionally google old Truman names to see what people are up to. Stumbled upon your blog tonight and read a good chunk of it.

Anyway, I was moved, and wanted to let you know that. You write with a love and and honesty which comes across as genuine and beautiful. There's a moving grace in your words. It sounds like you're in a good place, and are able to recognize the good things around you, celebrate them for what they are. It's not always easy to do that, and I admire your example.

I'm well. In St. Louis, working, blah, blah, blah. Doing some performance here and there, always wish I was doing more. No need to reply, just wanted to say thanks for the words.

P.S. On some of my best, most still and peaceful days, I find myself singing the landfill song from "Some Time Rambling".