Saturday, September 29, 2007

Should've Been in Love....

Yesterday I re-bought the Wilco album A.M.. It's one that I used to own but I gave it to Sean after all his CD's got stolen out of his truck. I have missed it, and it's really nice to revisit all of these songs. Takes me back to a very specific time.

I've been reading through old e-mails lately, from around 1999 and 2000. Makes me miss all of my friends who have spead out everywhere. But we were spread out back then, too, so I guess not too much has changed. Some of us just don't see each other as often as we used to, but eventually we all end up getting together somewhere and somehow.

Went to work this morning (which was pleasantly boring) and then to Korrine and Kelly's house warming party, which was a good time. I enjoyed watching Korrine and Kelly's respective parents, who were all funny. And good food and nice folks and several heated games of Catch Phrase. What could be wrong with that?

More work tomorrow. Not looking forward to it. Sean wrote me yesterday and inquired if I would be up for an Alaska trip in the not-so-distant future to do some recording. Hell yes! It's all a matter of timing. I really wouldn't be available until February, and I hope that's not too long for him to wait to get his recording done...

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