Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Hamill Camel

Yesterday at the store I met a 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist figure skater. She was buying a bunch of classical music (and also asked where the Barry Manilow stuff was, although she didn't buy any). So, I will add her to the list of celebrities I have seen in real life, which I will now rank by famousness:

1. Bono and The Edge (they could be listening to my CD RIGHT NOW!)
2. Dave Chappelle
3. Dorothy Hamill
4. The late great Robert Urich (note how tan and manly he is/was and how white and smarmy I am...) [note the size of his damned hands!]
5. Nikolai Volkoff
6. The new lead singer of INXS
7. Flippy the Magnificent
8. Joel Higgins (met in a very stinky bathroom of the Muny Opera in St. Louis, where he was putting in his contact lenses and claimed that he did not make the stink.)

On Saturday, Jeannie and I had a pretty perfect day: did some dishes, went to a state park and walked around, came home and had a picnic on the roof, headed down to Fells Point for drinks with Bewley, and topped it off with a good episode of Rome. If you can think of a better way to spend a day I'd love to hear it...

There a new live Greg Brown CD out today, called Yellow Dog. For all the Midwestern homies in tha house.

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Korn said...

here is my list of famous ppl i have met:

1. brian roberts

my list beats your list