Tuesday, September 04, 2007


I realized this evening that I can't really remember whether I actually met Nikolai Volkoff or whether my boss just told me that he was in the store. I have a vague memory of ringing him up at the cash register, but sometimes my mind just makes memories up.

Also, I'm convinced that in the Robert Urich photo, he was holding that pen in such a way as to show off how massive his manly hands really are/were. Whenever I see that picture, I am reminded exactly what my place in the world is. And what it is not.

The Jeanners and I had another pretty perfect day today. Her boss is out of town, so
she had the day off, and I had the day off, so we drove down to DC and walked along a trail in Rock Creek Park, which ended at the National Zoo, so we walked around the zoo a little bit and looked at the snakes and gorillas.

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Can the boy tell time? said...

Dan, I know I say this often, and I know that I do nothing about it, but I miss you!
My new job had destroyed what was left of my winning personality. I need a vacation, perhaps Baltimore is in order, as I have some time off in the near future.

Alyson and I are parting ways, in as much as two people who share the same house can part ways.

We shall see, but it is most assuredly for the best.
I swear I will call you back!