Friday, August 17, 2007

Surface Banana

When the Jeanners and I were driving to Ohio on Tuesday morning, there was a delivery-type truck on the highway that had an official-looking sign on the back that said SURFACE BANANA. Since then, we have been trying to figure out what that might mean.

We had a great time in Ohio: relaxing, interesting, fun. It kinda sucks being back in Baltimore, really. But I'm going to skip a lot of the details of the trip and focus on one particular incident:

THE SCENE: a small town in Ohio called Yellow Springs. It's a college town, so there's a main street of hipster shops and restaurants and stuff like that. About an hour south of Brad and Jen's house, we had come down to visit the town and then go to the state park nearby. Arriving around noon, we decided to find a place for lunch. We picked a tiny cafe called the SUNSHINE CAFE.

THE ACTION: We were shown to a table in this tiny place, but they didn't have a table big enough for 5, so brad sat in a chair at the end of the booth. His chair was kind of blocking the narrow walkway, and soon a man and a little boy (apparently his son) walked by and the little boy tripped over Brad's chair. Brad apologized, got out of the way, and the man and his son proceeded to the booth next to us and sat down. A few minutes later, Schlueter got a funny look on her face (and, according to Brad, bit her bottom lip) and told us half under her breath that the man was, in fact, DAVE CHAPPELLE.

And it's true, it was Dave Chappelle. And yes, it was very fucking freaky to see Dave Cahppelle at a little cafe in a middle-of-nowhere town in southern Ohio. But apparently Mr. Chappelle's dad teaches at the college in the town. So once you learn that fact it's not all that freaky. But it was still pretty damned freaky.

Anyway, here's picture of Schlueter at the SUNSHINE CAFE. And you probably don't believe me, but the blur in back that's paying his bill is DAVE CHAPPELLE.


Schlueter said...

For archival posterity: the cafe was called Sunrise Cafe. Their website is here:

I think the booth pictured on the home page is the ACTUAL BOOTH where Mr. Chappelle's very famous self was seated.

DOB said...

Shit, Schlueter, you're showin' me up on my own blog. But yes, it was the Sunrise Cafe. And I'll be damned if that isn't the very same booth where DAVE CHAPPELLE was sitting.