Monday, August 20, 2007

He Sounds Like I Feel

I think I just heard a guy puking in the street a few floors down on this early morn...

And last night I had a whack dream involving David Letterman, Madonna, fishhooks, Scott Baio, and an empty wrapping paper tube.

After Jeannie and I got back from Ohio, I was feeling totally unmotivated to go to work, and I was expecting to hate it, but work's actually felt pretty good lately, which is nice. Korn stopped another shoplifter (Mr. Pants Guy), and sales have been OK (but still down, of course), so we seem to be coasting pretty well through August.

The Jeanners and I have been talking about our future lately, and what it holds, and where it's going to happen, and we've kinda decided that a move is in order. And she's been thinking about grad school. So we're going to let those thoughts boil for awhile and see what comes to the top...

Day off tomorrow and I'm thinkin' I'm gonna head to CSC to organize the storage room a bit.

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