Friday, February 16, 2007

Never think of others

This morning I thought about calling out sick to work, because I have a lot of sick time that I haven't used this year, and because I was scheduled as a mid-shift, so it would've been a good day to do it. But then I thought, "No, it's Elizabeth's first day back after her vacation, and she'd be sad if I called out," and I went in to work. Only to find that Elizabeth had called out sick.

This is, officially, the last time that I will ever attempt to do anything nice for someone other than myself. From here on out, I shall only look out for #1.

Last night Jeannie and I watched some MAD ABOUT YOU. Which is a show that I've found most other people on the planet dislike, but damn if me and the old lady don't love us some Paul and Jaime.

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