Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Good Life

I think that there is little in life that is better than bacon and eggs. I also think tea is good--whenever I drink tea I always feel more relaxed, more focused, more thoughtful than when I'm not drinking tea--but the reason that bacon and eggs is better than tea has to do with the act of preparation. Tea, you pretty much just put on the pot, turn on the fire, and walk away. But with bacon and eggs, you've got to tend them while they cook. And while you're tending them, your mind can drift and it gives you a chance to remember Sunday mornings, when dad always would cook breakfast--eggs and bacon or sometimes sausage, coffee, toast, juice. Always, for some reason, calling me in to butter the toast, as though people couldn't butter their own damn toast. I always hated buttering everyone's toast. And I remember weekends when Jeannie would come up to visit Kirksville, me living in Schmor's old house with its 'breakfast nook,' cooking up big breakfasts and singing songs and then going back to bed to lay around and fool around. And, of course, the Down Home Country Breakfasts that have occured throughout history, the first one I remember happening at the Schluetermetz' house back in Kirksville, Rich coming home early from his factory job and cooking while everyone was still asleep, being woken up by the song, "Down home country breakfast, fresh from the farm..." And then, bacon and eggs has the guilty-pleasure aspect of being probably really bad for you, which just makes everything seem better.

Anyway, sorry to be so nostalgic on a Saturday morning, but god I like bacon and eggs. How can a world that has bacon in it be a bad place?

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