Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stupid Popcorn

Yesterday turned out to be a relaxing day of people working on their own stuff. Jeannie worked on her design project, the BJ and I played spades and we all talked and listened to music.

Then in the evening we went out to Aimee's, went to Don Pablo's for dinner, hit the liquor store and then back to Aimee's for games and G&T's. We played one of my christmas-gift games (Catchphrase) which was a lot of fun, and we also played some of the old standby's, Scattergories and Apples to Apples.

But then, after we got home Jeannie and I had a little argument about popcorn, which in hindsight seems to be a really silly thing to have an argument about. But I had probably had too much G&T and was being an argumentative ass. So my goal today is to not be an ass and to be nice and sweet.

For the last few weeks I've been feeling more insecure than I have since I was about 18. Why? Is it because of the approaching 30th birthday? Because of boredom at work combined with a fear of being stuck with the boredom? I've always thought that I would be able to sidestep any sort of midlife crisis, but if this is what approaching 30 feels like, I'm guessing 40 will be a lot worse.

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