Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Blasts from the Past

Last night BJ was looking at old pictures from college that he had scanned onto his computer, most of which I had never seen before. Here's some of the highlights.

Big Daddy James, in a lot of his glory.

Me and the Schluetermetz', back when we were young and carefree and I still wore jeans. I miss that office. I still have that white T-shirt...

No comment necessary, really.

Flip Manuever!

The Beej gets his face licked by Drew and Swoboda. I sense enjoyment in all of the particapants except Swoboda.

A very very young BJ dances with a young-ish Big Daddy, while a very very young DOB pushes back his mop of forgotten hair stage right.

In addition to taking this stroll down memory lane, last night after rehearsal BJ taught Jeannie and I the correct way to play Skip-Bo, which after losing several time s I declared to be the Lamest Game. I won a couple of times today, though, so it's not too bad anymore.

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Two Shews said...

Oh, my. The wierd old days.