Monday, December 18, 2006

Hangin' Over

I am proud that I didn't make any flagrant spelling or grammar mistakes in last night's post, as I was pretty drunk when I wrote it. I had to concentrate very hard to not screw anything up. And today I was feeling the pain. Not too bad (I didn't make salsa or sleep on the bathroom floor or anything) but 5:45 rolled around pretty early this morning.

This morning at work we had our secret santa gift exchange, and there was also a little luncheon for some of the folks, from which I got to eat some of the leftover scraps, which were very good. A nice ham sandwich with mayo and cheese. Eating it made me remember the 1 or 2 Christmases when I worked at Honeybaked Ham during X-mas break. When I learned the many many uses of ham fat. The best part about HH was that they paid for lunch every day, and laid out an awesome spread of ham, turkey, and other fixin's. Yum. I do not miss the job, though, because it was boring.

One more day closer to being done with the busiest time of year! Woo-Hoo!

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