Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Keep Soaping!

Today is a day of mixed emotions. Happy because I have the next two days off, and tomorrow is one of two days during the year when the store is closed and I don't have to think/worry about it. Sad because we're usually in Ohio at this time of year, and we miss our buddies there. But also a little excited because we know that having a break from our usual Thanksgiving festivities will make the next time we get together all the more rockin'. But anyway, I hope that all is well in Ohio and that everyone's Thanksgiving is peaceful and happy.

Today the plan is:

1. hit the gym.
2. inspect our bedroom and kitchen to see where the mousies might be coming in. (we think that the living room has been properly sealed.)
3. make stir-fry. Yeah! Stir-fry!
4. I also, at some point, need to call or e-mail my brother, to whom I have owed an e-mail or call for some time.

'Twas good to hear from Sean about his recent trip back to the Midwest for his (gasp) 30th birthday. When did we all get so damned old? And yet, I'm sure the boy can out party any 18-29 year olds that care to challenge him...

Drew's blog made me laugh today. Perhaps I should change my online alter-ego to turduckenboyden? It seems that fame jumped right from the standard "turkey" directly to the "turducken", and my beloved "turken" never achieved mass popularity. But then, why have a chicken inside a turkey when you can have a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey. 'Tis the American way.

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