Monday, November 20, 2006

1/2 Day

Sometimes it is more fun to work a half day than it is to have the entire day off. Today was one of those days, I went in to work early for a meeting, stuck around with Elizabeth and got some shite done, and I am now at home, about to put some hot dogs in the pot (not a euphemism, I'm literally going to put some hot dogs in a pot and boil them), and listening to a new cd that I bought for myself.

Today is the type of day I think of when I think "November." Chilly, grey, breezy. Bleak but peaceful. I think the beauty of November is often overlooked after the flashy melancholy of October. But I think it's rapidly becoming my favorite month.

This evening I head in to HCCA to take down the ladders from Love's Labors. Then we're having a meeting to start talking about the summer shows, then a general company meeting. So it'll be a lot of CSC stuff going on this evening. I'll think I'll bring some beer to keep things interesting.

The cd that I bought, by the way, is James Brown's Soul on Top. It's good stuff, especially when you keep in mind that James Brown is absolutely insane. Rolling Stone had a good article a few months ago, and the gist of the article was that James Brown is currently incredibly bonkers, and I believe that article. But anyway, this cd is pretty good, lots of James Brown-esque screaming and wailing, the kind that my dad hates so much. And a big band. It's a big cd, good for playing loud in the car.

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