Friday, October 20, 2006

So Much New News

Firstly, I have bad news for all of you who love me because I'm skinny and cute: They're building a Chipotle right down the street from our apartment. Holy Shite. I predict I will soon be tipping the scales at at least 450 lbs.

Secondly, I have a bad headache and I'm tired right now.

Thirdly, Jeannie and I were going to go see Pat's show tonight but are going to go on another weekend because I'm not feeling great and we're both pretty damned tired.

Fourthly, I tweaked the look of this here blog so that the random picture would be visible on more browsers. Aaaagh! Geek talk!

Lastly, Jeannie caught a mouse last night with her bare hands and then accidentally bit its head off.

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