Friday, September 29, 2006


For the past few days I have been talking with a man named Emil Gasparini who came in to the store to look for a cd that had some of the songs he used to sing (or hear) when he was in the air force during WWII, songs with titles like "There Are No Bombadiers in Hell." Well, it turns out that we can, in fact, order the songs he was looking for. It used to be a 4 LP set that they've put onto 2 cd's. Anyway, I'm writing about him because A) he has a great name. B) he is very pleasant and entertaining and nice, and tells me that I should listen to some of the songs, although some of them do contain "a few choice words." I assured him that I probably had already heard most of the words he was referring to. And C) he reminds me of my dad, although my dad was never in the air force and is too young to have been in WWII. Anyway, Emil Gasparini seems to be, in my limited view of him, a very classy, nice, and funny guy.

Also, today a regular customer and friend (to the extent that a clerk and customer can strike up a friendship at a B&N) named R. Ginsberg offered Jeannie and myself two of her extra tickets to the symphony this Sunday. She's a tiny, elderly, extremely intelligent classical music connoisseur who is very unlike anyone I have ever met. Since we have no plans, we accepted, and we're looking forward to it.

Finally, today I was helping a more-annoying-than-most drag queen.

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