Thursday, September 28, 2006

Checking In

It's been a few days...

Right now I'm thinking good thoughts for Elizabeth and her Dad, hoping that everything turns out ok...

Many thanks to Rich for fixing up my electric guitar and bass, they're both sounding great and having them in good working condition has already made recording more enjoyable.

Work has been ok, we hired 2 new people on Friday and one of them quit after his 1st day, the other one seems like she'll be very good. So I'm blaming the one that quit on his own questionable emotional stability, rather than my meager skills as a person of authority. But I suppose that either thing could be the actual culprit.

Tonight Katie was over when I got home from work. I enjoyed sitting at the kitchen table with her and Jeannie and waxing philosophical on Ralph Machio, cat anuses, and ebola. With G&T's, of course.

Today I thought I would try and write a list of my favorite things for tonight's blog entry. I think, however, I shall just include one of my favorite things: a hot bath when it's chilly in the apartment and it makes me want to not get out of the bathtub.

My thoughts seem pretty scattered this evening, both in the head and in the blog.

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