Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Baby Mamma Drama

Jeremy at work's wife Emily could very well be at the hospital birthin' a baby right now. Isn't that exciting? It is exciting, because it will be fun to watch Jeremy be a daddy. But sad because once he's a daddy he won't work at the Noble anymore.

Jeannie and I met up with D. Calloway and his ladyfriend, Lisa, this evening after work. We met at One World Cafe and chatted and had some onion-y nachos. I think "nachos" should actually be spelled "natchos". Wouldn't it be better? I also think it would be better if "pizza" was pronounced with a short 'i' sound and a softer 'z' sound, so that it rhymed with fizz-ah.

I have been skimming through 'Infinite Jest' recently, because P. Kilpatrick might still be reading it, and our friend Chris is reading it, so my interest has been re-aroused. Jeez it's a good book. I'm making so many new connections in it, and I feel like I'm so close to a 'unified theory' regarding IJ, but there's still so many questions I have....

I'm sleepy.

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