Sunday, May 07, 2006

Under the Weather

Well, I haven't written much lately, and when I have written it's been boring. What can I say? Life is like that sometimes, I guess. Here' what I've been thinking, hearing, and seeing:

1. Feeling a bit sick. I kind of have a half-cold.
2. Feeling jealous of/happy for Rich in Ohio. I've really enjoyed his blog since he moved. It's like an instant change to happiness.
3. In the good news catagory, Jeannie and I were approved for the apartment in Charles Village and signed the lease on Saturday. We won't be moving until end of June, beginning of July.
4. Work has been uneventful, and a pain in my ass. For a Sunday, though, tonight wasn't too bad.
5. I'm going to buy Don Quixote and The Idiot from the B&N with a gift card that I won. Which should I read first?
6. I need a vacation.
7. Seanyboy has a few new songs on his MySpace. Check 'em out.
8. Jeannie and I absolutely can't wait to move. We're so excited. Also, we are approaching our 18 monthiversary. We're also nearing the end of our babysitting career. We're looking forward to having weekends again, but I think we'll both miss it a tiny little bit, too. Samuel's a good kid.
9. In the new apartment, there's a long-shot possibility that we'll be able to cheaply rent a vacant efficiency apartment below us that would serve as recording/painting studio and storage space. This would be a truly awesome turn of events, indeed.
10. I found a fun little blog that features TO-DO lists that people find and send in. I like stuff like that. I'll link to it on the side...

That's it. I love my ladyfriend, and I'm just waiting to not be so boring.

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