Monday, May 08, 2006

The evil, evil rock.

Last night Jeannie had a dream that I was smoking crack. She said that when she confronted me about it I tried to convince her that I hadn't inhaled. I'm having a hard time picturing myself smoking crack... Unless it's ass crack! HA HA! SLAM!

I still feel kinda sick today. But I worked me ass off at the B&N. There were a lot of damned classical CD's that were changing price.

My apologies to Patrick Coursey for inadvertantly placing his blog link below the new link to the to-do list blog. It was entirely accidental, though I'm feeling a bit too lazy to fix it right now. It should be noted, however, that I find Patrick's blog to be more interesting than random to-do lists. Sometimes. When he updates his posts. And when he puts pictures up where it looks like he's been embalmed. I do not endorse web-comics, however. Nor comics of any nature, for that matter. Except Brenda Starr.

I am looking forward to my days off on Thursday and Friday. I hope I am feeling better by then. Jeannie just got home.

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