Monday, April 24, 2006


Today at work I saw a man with a strange hand. The palm portion was a normal, man-sized palm portion. But the fingers were tiny, half-sized fingers, both in length and girth. It was kind of like a 6 year old girls' fingers on a man's hand. And it was just one of his hands. The other one was normal, man-zized hand with normal, man-sized fingers. It was strange and bizarre, and rather than point and stare, I am limiting my terrible need to point out a freak when I see one to this relatively private space.

To those who have read INFINITE JEST, I immediately flashed on Hal's description of the grief-therapist with child-sized hands, an episode that I had thought came out of the seemingly endless depths of David Foster Wallace's imagination, but it seems that this phenomenon is real. And it is every bit as creepy as Hal describes.

Tonight I feel fat.

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