Sunday, April 23, 2006

Another End of Day

Jeannie just went to bed. Samuel's asleep upstairs. I'll be heading upstairs to go to sleep in a little while, I guess. It's later than I'd like it to be, and I'm really not very tired. Just eating some corn and catching up on reading e-mail and visiting blogs and whatnot.

Jeannie and I watched the final 6 FEET UNDER last night. It was ok. I think the show ended at the right time. Anyway, we've enjoyed watching it over the last couple of years and now we wonder what we'll do when we're sitting at home and don't feel like going out and there's nothing else to do...

Talked to my parents on the phone today, it had been a week or so since I'd talked to them, and I like to call them at least once a week. I'm ready for a visit home, getting a little homesick, and I miss my folks a bit.

Not much else to write tonight.

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