Monday, April 17, 2006


I will admit that when I read Rich's post (post#101) this morning, I got a bit envious. Mainly I just wished that I could come hang with the cool kids, too. It sounds like everybody is having a good time, except maybe Henry who's apparently getting an ass whipping in Candyland the likes of which he's never previously experienced.

Tonight we're doing a full-store inventory at work, which is a big job and will run into the wee hours of the morning, but anytime I get to go get paid for a shift where I don't have to deal with customers is fine by me.

Also this evening, Jeannie and maybe (hopefully) myself will be going to look at a room in a warehouse as a possible future residence. Both of us have wanted to live in a warehouse for a long time, as it would be a great place to combine living space with recording space, painting space, general "projects" space, etc.

Also, I have a new disc of LOST to watch which means not much useful is going to get done. I am planning on doing the dishes, however. I've already gone online and read synopses for all the episodes on the disc, though (because I'm an addict and I have a problem and I couldn't wait for the damned disc to get here), so maybe I won't watch all the episodes today.

The Whitman book is, as always, good. It's basically a big prose journal. Of course, all the poetry is in there, too, but I usually just stick to the good ol' prose stuff. Have I been reading lots of journals because I've been blogging, or have I been blogging because I've been reading lots of journals?

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