Wednesday, March 22, 2006


A nice active day off. Got to work on music this morning, but not for as long as I'd hoped. The neighbors weren't out for as long as I thought they'd be. Tried to record some vocals for some existing songs, but that didn't work so I ended up recording a whole new short snapshot piece. It's nothing great but it captures a feeling and it has a decent melody line. It'll probably show up on my MySpace site after I get a chance to rewrite some lines and re-record the vocals.

After recording I walked to the grocery store and bought some stuff to make a tasty dinner cause Aimee was coming over to eat with us. A nice chilly day with headphones and the sun poking in and out of the clouds. Came home and did some dishes, and peeled a nice mess of potatoes. I think that in my past life I must have been an army cook, because I love peeling potatoes, and I love frying up large amounts of bacon and eggs. And I like to wear white undershirts and be gruff.

My mental picture for the day is me sitting in the bathtub this morning around noon, eating cold pizza (I made some homemade pizzas last night for me and the Jeanners and maybe [we thought at the time] Aimee) and reading my Kerouac book. I'm really liking the Kerouac book a lot. It's strange, but I've read a lot of his books, some biographies, 2 books of his letters, and now a book of his journals. I sometimes think that I know him a little better than I know a lot of people I 'know', and he's been dead for 40 years.

Work tomorrow, then off again on Friday. No major plans. Maybe (hopefully) some recording?

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