Friday, March 24, 2006

Five Fingers

Here I am, Friday morning, and it's my day off, and I've gotten quite a bit accomplished already. And by quite a bit, I mean that I've conquered the large stack of dishes that were in the sink. And I phoned my folks, and I've farted around on the computer, clearing up a bit of space.

Yesterday I uploaded the new song to my Myspace site. I'm resigned to the fact that I've only recorded 1 or 2 songs that I like as much as songs that I like by other people. I think that's ok. I enjoy working on them, even the songs that I'm not crazy about. Maybe the MySpace site is a bit dangerous, because I'll throw stuff up there that normally would have gotten thrown away, or left to die a long and painful death on my hard drive.

Today, in a few minutes, I will be walking up to the Giant G to purchase some fixin's for dinner with the Jeanners tonight. Thai noodle stir fry. It's quite yummy. Then when I get home I'll do a load of laundry or two, maybe read while the laundry is in, then maybe a nap of some sorts.

I had a dream last night that Jeannie was being interviewed by a magazine called "The Five Fingers." When I woke up, I was only halfway awake and I asked her, "How was your interview?" She said, "I didn't have an interview." Then I said, "Oh, then I had a dream that you were being interviewed. By a magazine called the five fingers." I then added, for no apparent reason, "The magazine's called 'The Five Fingers' because they only interview jerkoffs."

I love my wife very much. She's been worried lately that her throat thing was coming back, but she went to the doctor yesterday and they checked her out with a throat camera and said everything looks A-OK. Woo-Hoo!

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