Monday, February 27, 2006

Travelogue #3

We have completed the 2nd-to-last leg of our journey. At the moment, we are at Jen Schlueter and Brad Steinmetz' (collectively known as the Schluetermetz') home in Bellefountaine, Ohio. We have enjoyed a lovely dinner and some quality playtime with young Henry, who is the cutest 4 year old in the world. We're waiting for Schlueter to get home from work, and I'm guessing that she and I might do some initial planning for a summer lake rendezvous.

Last night the Jeanners and I had a good time meeting up with Gena and Robin, we went to Mocabees (sp?) coffee house and had a few hours of nice relaxing conversation over various flavors of tea. As a possible historical sidenote, last night the phrase "can I smell your packet?" entered the vernacular.

Right now Jeannie and Brad Steinmetz are geek-talking about AutoCAD.

Tomorrow, the final journey. Then after that, I seriously have to start going to the gym.

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