Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Home again

We're back.

Mucho thanks to the Schluetermetz family for putting us up last night. It was great to see you. Wish it could have been longer.

On a related note, today marks the death of old Dan and the birth of new Dan. Which means that for awhile I'm going to go on a diet and get regular exercise until my belly goes away a little bit. This is because I'm tired of having a belly.

I went to the gym tonight and ran 3 miles, which is the longest I've run in about 15 years. Perhaps the longest I've ever run non-stop. Tom Waits is surprisingly good music to work out to. I don't know that other people would agree with me (especially Jeannie, who prefers ultra-pumped workout music), but for me, I like music that is interesting enough that I pay attention to it so much that I forget that I'm in tremendous discomfort.

On a non-related note, there are some pictures that have popped up lately, and since I haven't posted any pictures recently, I thought I'd put them up. A feast for the eyes!

This one is a picture that Jeannie found before we left town, stuck in with all of her college portfolio cases. It's me on my 18th birthday, and I'm sweaty because the band that I was playing drums for
(The Quintessential Pine Tree Brothers) just finished playing a party called MegaBash, which was a kind of block party thrown by 2 friends of ours who lived near each other. The big yellow foam tophat was a birthday gift given to me by the Jeanners.

This one was taken at our wedding (duh) by our good friend Gena Allen, photographer extraordinaire. I've always liked her photos, I'll have to find out if she has a website to see if I can link to it.

Also, I was finally able to find a link to a very accurate review of The Imaginary Invalid. Find it here.

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