Tuesday, February 14, 2006

St. Valentine's Day

The song of the moment is "Baby Britain." I like Elliott Smith a whole lot better when he's less mopey/whiney.

I spent a good portion of last night going through old papers that I've saved from college, looking for some letters of recommendation so Jeannie could get some pointers from them (she has to write a letter for a former coworker). Going through all that old stuff made me a little nostalgic for Kirksville, but it also made me quite glad that I'm not in school anymore. I was so much smarter then. My brain can't work like that anymore. I think part of it has to do with laziness, but I think also that part of it has to do with focusing my energy only on the things that truly and deeply matter to me. I think I wasted a lot of energy in college, and I don't think I have as much energy to spare as I used to.

A funny thing I found among my college stuff: a piece of paper that had the typed beginning of a drunken story on one side, and on the other side was handwritten--

"Story Ideas:

1. huge sea creature
2. Huck Finn movie
Mickey Rooney (huck)
Matt Dillon (Tom)
Andy Kaufman (pap)"

Also found in the papers were my two manifestos and the transcription of my interview with Natalie DeLuca from Senior Sem.

I am developing a plan. This summer, after Rich moves to Ohio, the Schlueterileymetz' and Jeannie and I rendezvous at a big Thousand-Hills type lake somewhere near Wheeling, West Virginia (3 hrs. from Bellefountaine, 4 from B-more), and spend the weekend water-skiing and cavorting.

Of course, the other plan is that they all come out here for a visit and we go to the beach, possibly camping.

I enjoyed Rich's blog today, and not just because he complimented me. I will always associate 'The Peculiar Pub,' with my first real experience of New York at night. Loved it!

Jeannie and I don't really celebrate Valentine's day, but damned if we didn't just make a tasty dinner of ravioli and salad. Lots of errands planned for tomorrow's day off...

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Anonymous said...

Jen Schlueter, who can only log is as anonymous because she's dumb, is all for this crazy WV idea.

I've also been tossing around ideas about an extended road trip to Oregon. How long has it been since you've been on a really long road trip? Weren't they both awful and amazing?