Monday, February 13, 2006

Back to Normal

Since the show has been open a little while, I've been able to go back to having some nice free time, and I've been able to enjoy doing my normal little things, like reading
in the bathtub. I'm re-reading a book of Jack Kerouac's letters, which is very interesting. I enjoy reading the real thoughts and feelings of someone that I at least partially admire.

Also, last night I enjoyed taking a very short walk in the deep snow. It was dark and quiet, everything muffled by the snow, and there were only a few people out and about. It was very nice, peaceful, and for a minute felt kind of like walking through Kirksville, which I still believe to be the best place in the world to walk around and think.

On my mind lately, for no apparent reason, have been thoughts about people in grade school. It all started when I had a thought about this girl that I haven't seen or thought about in around 15 years, Sarah Wight, pop into my head. She was an absolutely, incredibly quiet, nice girl in grade school who I talked to a little bit but not much. So then I started thinking about some of the very nice, very quiet people I've known through the years, a lot of them in grade school when shynesses hadn't been overcome yet, and I pulled out the grade school yearbooks and started looking through them. I wonder what all those little kids are up to these days.

I don't want to go to work anymore.

I think Jeannie had a good birthday yesterday. We did go sledding and it was fun. And I think the final tally of how much snow we got was around 15 inches.

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