Sunday, February 19, 2006


I am faced with a bit of a moral quandry...

On the one hand, I feel an absolute need to be honest and open in this here blog, but as more and more people at work find out about it and read it, it becomes difficult for me to report about a day such as today when I called out sick but may, in fact, be a little bit less sick than I stated on the phone with the manager.

I feel, however, that those co-workers who are reading this blog are understanding enough to dig the fact that I only call out sick in cases of extreme emergency, such as today when I double-booked myself and I have to go strike the damned set for the show.

So, in short, I'm sorry, Jeremy, if my calling out caused any unnecessary headaches or stress at work today. If it's any consolation, my nose is a little runny.

I'm off in a few minutes to go help strike the set. Hopefully it won't take too long. Not too much else has been going on. Jeannie's been working on her portfolio stuff for her interviews, then we go babysit tonight. We're both very much looking forward to leaving town in a few days. We're considering leaving Tuesday night and finding a cheap hotel somewhere along the way so we don't have to drive the whole shot in one day.

I've been kicking around different cd titles in my head, haven't come across anything enlightening. Any suggestions are welcome...


Anonymous said...

Schlueter here:

There's always a free hotel in Bellefontaine. It takes you hours out of your way, but it's here.

DOB said...

Thanks, Schluets, but I think we'll be taking our sweet time getting out of here tomorrow night, which means we probably wouldn't be getting to the western Ohio area until well after midnight, if we make it that far at all.