Monday, February 20, 2006

Darn you, John Lennon, you were right! Instant karma did indeed get me!

Well, I guess because I called out sick yesterday when I felt a little bit less than sick Jesus decided to punish me and make me feel like shite today. My back's been hurting all day, and I don't think that 15 hours of driving over the next couple of days is going to help it much. I have broken down and bought an old-man back support pillow for the car, which helps but because of it's thickness I have to cram myself in the front seat and adopt the driving posture of a 110-year-old. I guess it's the price I'm paying for all those years of hard living.

I bought a Willie Nelson cd tonight that I've wanted for awhile, Spirit.

Everybody wish Jeannie luck for her interviews tomorrow. And for her tonight as she works on putting together her portfolio. Since I've been home, she's been working with all her shtuff spread out on the kitchen floor, cursing up a storm. She also threatened to explode earlier in the evening. We're both looking forward to getting the hell out of here tomorrow night.

Today at work, Elizabeth said that I'm more sensitive in this blog than I am at work. That can only mean one of two things: I haven't been writing enough about my poop. Or, I haven't been crying enough at work.

My poop has been looking pretty textbook lately, which is nice.

Had an idea for a cd title that might stick. It comes from one of the song's lyrics, which I like, and I think it's an idea that I had before and forgot about which has come back, which I also like. Also, found a place that seems to offer cheap web hosting, so once the cd is finished I hope to have a site back up where folks can download it.

Anyhoo. that be all.

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