Friday, December 30, 2005

We're Back.

Well, we're back from what could be "The Best Christmas Ever." We really had a good time and got to see a lot of people and eat a lot of food that tasted really good and gave us bad poops and gas.

Some highlights:

1. Ice skating at Steinberg Rink on the day after Christmas. My family goes every year, this year Jeannie's mom and dad came, and her brother Seth.

2. Hanging out with Eric, Drew, Karista, J. Knese, and Colette at O'Connell's. Eric's tales of falling asleep with food in his mouth and pouring barbecue sauce all over himself inhis sleep, Drew's tales of sucky oral surgeons and sucky economics classes.

I was saddened to read that Stevie Earl Jacobs has been killed. I was sad to hear that part of the reason is because of the book we sent to Rich for Christmas. Part of me agrees with Rich and understands why he's doing it, but I feel like he's overreacting a bit, too. Stevie is different, most notably because he's a real person. Reading about Stevie through his BLOG is nothing compared to encountering Stevie in real life, and I think that the performance is where his beauty is. the Robert Hamburger stuff is funny jokes on the page, but a run-in with Stevie is what I imagine a run-in with Tony Clifton must have been like. Anyway, I hope that Stevie ain't really dead.

In other news, I have just purchased the latest MY MORNING JACKET cd, put out by Sony BMG, and it's loaded with all of this copyright protection software, and it's absolute BULLSHIT. It's a major pain just trying to put the thing on my computer or to make a backup of the cd.

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