Saturday, December 24, 2005

Be Home Soon

What a good day yesterday was. It was one of those rare good days that didn't go by super-fast, but actually felt like a nice, long, good day.

It started off not too fun, because my Ipod went back on the fritz, so after a couple of hours of screwing around with it, I popped the damn thing open with a knife, disconnected the battery and the hard drive, then reconnected them and now it's working better than ever. So I'll have nice tunes to listen to pn the plane today.

Got to spend time with Jeannie yesterday, too, which was awesome. I did some dishes and worked on laundry, and cut little tape strips from a roll of packing tape because she was wrapping presents and we didn't have any scotch tape.

We fly out of here this afternoon, then it's off to Jeannie's family gathering, mass at SLUH, and then the Ritz for our (now) annual tradition of drinks with Eric Elz at the Ritz on Christmas Eve. Much to my chagrin, Senor Bosco and his wife Susan will not be joining us for drinks this year, as they are in Wichita. That definitely puts a damper on the party.

Hope everyone has a very merry, safe, and happy Christmas and New Years. Also hope to see as many folks as possible while we're in St. Louis. We'll be back on the 28th.

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