Monday, November 28, 2005

Feel like I've been at work non-stop since I've been back in town. Not really, though, although I have been working a lot. Looking forward to my days off on Thursday and Friday. Miss Jeannie a lot, but I got to talk to her on the phone yesterday which was great.

Ways in which my life would be different if Jeannie and I weren't together:

1. I would drink a lot more beer.
2. I would be a lot fatter.
3. I would reuse dishes with a minimal amount of cleaning them.
4. I would feel that my life is pretty much pointless.
5. Life would be much quieter, and not in a good way. In an empty way. I would have to find some outlet at home for just talking. I guess it's been awhile since I've lived by myself and I'm not used to it anymore. I remember that when I moved to Baltimore I was unsure if I could handle going back to living with roommates after having lived by myself for a few years.

Strange dreams last night. I remember part of one very vividly, my tooth fell out, which is a recurring dream I have, and one that I hate. Donald Trump showed up in one of my dreams, too, and I feel like he's shown up before. That can't signify any sort of mental health, I'm sure.


Anonymous said...

YEAH! i get to come home tomorrow! can't wait to see you, my sweet!! - your wife

Witz said...

I've had a few teeth-losing dreams; they're the worst. Here's one of the most intense:

I was looking in the mirror and whole pieces of my jaw were coming out. There were also horrible things like broken glass and syringes in my mouth. Then I had somehow figured out that this was all happening because my parents were poisoning me and so I had to wander around the neighborhood I grew up in St. Louis and fight off everyone, who had turned into zombies.

Anonymous said...

ive read that when you have dreams about your teeth falling out it means that you are afraid (or just mildly concerned perhaps) about getting older-i myself have had a few of these peskey "tooth dreams" Like "hoop dreams" with out the gassers-MAW