Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Blog etiquette?

I just read Rich's justifiably outraged post about people using cell phones while they make brown, and now I'm wondering if it's in bad taste to blog while on the can. If so, I present to you my sincerest apologies. Pretend I'm sitting at a charmingly cluttered rolltop desk, smoking a pipe as I write this...

It's windy outside. Whoa, is it windy outside.

Busy, boring day at work. One more day of work and then two days off. Looking forward to it.

I pick up my ladyfriend from the airport tonight! Yea!

Hung out with Pat Kilpatrick last night, went to the Rec Room for 1/2 price burgers and I had a couple of beers, and we just chatted about stuff. He seemed very happy to be getting out and having some company.

Some things on my Christmas list, for any of my wives that might be interested:

1. New goddam pajama pants. Not too heavy, not too light. Just damned right.
2. I guess some new black socks.
3. Maybe A MIGHTY WIND, able to be purchased during B&N Employee Appreciation Days (Dec. 9-18th) for a tidy $6.66.

That's about it.

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