Thursday, November 24, 2005

Acting Suck It Champion (or, There and Back Again)

Well, I am back in Baltimore as of a few minutes ago. I am very tired, but made it here in one piece. I got a damned speeding ticket on the way home, because I was blasting my music at an extremely loud volume and not paying attention to how fast I was driving. I have gotten several tickets in this manner...

So many things to write about, but so tired....

First, a short recap of the holiday, for posterity:

Monday night arrived and sat around talking. Went to bed, cold, but slept well and Jeannie slept the whole night through, which hasn't happened in awhile.

Tuesday Brad and Henry to work/school, Jeannie worked on putting some canvases together; Jen, Rich, and myself have a SORRY! (aka SUCK IT!) tournament. Schlueter is the winner. While all this is happening, the bird is cooking, boob side down as an experiment. Brad and Henry get home, we eat a huge Thanksgiving feast, I immediately fall asleep afterwards. At night, Scattergories.

Wednesday everyone stays home from work/school. Playing with Henry, eating leftovers. Schlueter and Henry take long nap while Jeannie, Rich, Brad and I have another SORRY! (aka SUCK IT!) tournament. I win after a few very close, intense games. My 2 day total victories are more than Schlueters, so I name myself acting SUCK IT! Champion until Schlueter and I can face off head-to-head. At night, Brad tells us his jury duty experiences (very interesting), and then Rich and Brad confess all of their childhood sins. All is forgiven. Schlueter gets tipsy in a laughy, slurry, stumbly way (very amusing).

Thursday big Down Home Country Breakfast. Then Jeannie and I pack up and leave. I drop her off at the Columbus airport (she's flying to St. Louis for her high school reunion) and then continue on to Baltimore. Work on lyrics for new song, also listened to latest Sufjan Stevens album (enjoyed it) and a Sun Kil Moon mix (liked their earlier stuff better than the new album). Listened to BJ's mix again. Got a damned ticket. And here I am.

What a great trip. No puking, great conversation, wonderful people.

Tonight I have to sleep in bed alone, which means I'll sleep great but wake up lonely. Miss you, Jeanners.

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