Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Weekend Roundup and Hoedown

Well, a very nice weekend is over, and though it rained for a good part of it, my parents had a great visit. Jeannie and I really enjoyed having them here, and I miss them, which is kind of strange but a nice feeling. We went to Havre de Grace on Saturday in the pouring rain, walked on the promenade (with an umbrella that kept randomly closing on our heads), and ended up going to the "worlds largest decoy museum," which is exactly what it says. It's very strange. It's a museum devoted entirely to duck decoys and the people who make them. Complete with wax statues (maybe the statues were rubber, not sure, but they were very lifelike) of local legendary decoy artists. They also had an older guy on site who was carving decoys, and he was very funny, telling us about his carving process and peppering the stories with jokes you could tell he used every time. But he was very nice and cute and he loved what he did. Which I guess is all anyone ever needs.

Sunday was spent driving around the city, looking at interesting buildings and churches, and also a very good time. It was really enjoyable hanging out with them. It's great to finally be in a place where my parents are realizing they don't have to worry about me (and Jeannie, and both of us together), and that I've turned out different than them, and different than they might have imagined, but that I turned out ok. It takes a lot of strain out of our relationship.

Jeannie and I babysat our new neighbor Samuel last night. He's 2, and he's very cute and his mother is British and works overnight on Saturday and Sunday nights. So we'll be babysitting him some weekends while she's at work. He's got a lot of energy, but can also be very calm and thoughtful and sad. It's nice. Why is it that I tend to like sadness better than happiness? I feel like sadness should be the normal state of the human condition. It's the emotion we should feel most often. Why?

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