Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Go buy Ricky Martin's new cd. It is AWESOME.

Well, I didn't really get to see Jeannie at all today, which means the day was pretty much a total waste. The only redeeming aspect of the day (aside from aforementioned new Ricky Martin cd), was doing some recordings this morning. Started playing a little Eno-based recording game: recording several short piano phrases of different lengths, then looping them all and playing them all at the same time, but because they're all different lengths, they interact differently with each other each time they loop. It's a nice little way to start the day off with some randomness. I also like it because I don't save what's generated, just scrap everything and start a new one tomorrow. Why do I like the "fart in the wind" aspect of so much of what I do?

Anyway, I have a feeling tomorrow's gonna suck.

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