Friday, October 07, 2005

Open-faced turkey.

Well, the parents are in town, and we went to Cafe Hon for dinner, and it was fine, although the place was noisy so Jeannie had to strain her voice a little bit to be heard, which ain't good. But it was fine. My parents came back to the apartment and we gave them birthday cake and presents and drank tea. It was nice. I think they enjoyed seeing the place and they're glad they're here.

Today at work I almost had to blow up like a bomb because they put up a notice that nobody could request days off between Nov. 20th and Dec. 31st. Oh hell no! I shall not stand for such B-crap! But I had a talk with Donna (bosslady) and she said that was just so that when everybody asks off for Christmas week she can tell them to go blow it out their bloody arses. She said that Jeannie and I can get some days off to travel around the holidays. But I'm guessing we won't have much time in St. Louis over Christmas. Which is why everyone should come visit here! Yum, Baltimore in winter!

Even though I haven't told anyone (except Jeannie) about this here B-log, I feel like I'm writing a bit differently now that I'm considering coming out of the closet and telling people I have a B-log. I've always written with certain people in my mind as an audience, I guess, but it feels different now that people I know might read this sometime. Well, I'll do my best to not try to feel pressure to be witty or funny, because when I do that I usually end up drinking to much gin and tonics and then spend a day and a half puking and sleeping in Jen and Brad's bathroom. Ah, I can't wait for Thanks-giving.

Just for the record, I think the funniest sentence I've written in this B-log is "Look out, that's a tasty burger." The funniest phrase is "aforementioned nuts."

Jeannie's going to bed. She just kissed me on the head and said she loves me. It's raining outside, has been all day. The air is a little bit heavy and humid, and the only things I hear right now are the steady hum of the laptop, the sound of the rain outside which is the same consistancy but a little bit higher, and the refridgerator--layers of hums.

Is "Look out, that's a tasty burger." actually a sentence? Does it have all the necessary sentence-parts? Anyone?

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