Saturday, October 22, 2005

End of Day

Danny crashed here last night, so this morning Jeannie went to work and I drove him back to Jon David's apartment. Then it was off to work for me. A busy day, then came home tonight right as Jeannie was putting Samuel (upstairs babysittee) down for bed. So we read him some stories and then laid there as he fell asleep, and now we're making some of the most kick assingest food in the whole world. Mofo pea soup. Campbell's plain ol' green pea soup. It's awesome.


Can the boy tell time? said...

I've had "If I Only Had a Brain" stuck in my head for the last 12 years. Followed up by "Don't Worry Be Happy" since the day it came out, the opening song from Disney's Robin Hood (the one they sped up for that evil hamster dance song), and the Duck Dance up in that steel trap of mine since the beginning of time.
I feel like the only solution is a couple of holes drilled in the ol' noodle and let them demons out.
But, I am not downplaying your pain. Just understanding where you're coming from with a sympathetic nod. God, that song is truly terrible.

Witz said...

Campbell's Green Pea Soup is awesome! Before I was vegan I'd eat it all the time. I especially liked dipping buttered toast in it. Yum.