Friday, October 21, 2005

Criminal Intent

Danny Dolan is over and we're sitting around watching some Law and Order. We were supposed to go do some duckpin bowling with Pat and Aimee but they had other stuff to do.

The day was pretty much exactly as we had planned. Nap, then trip to bakery, then working on recording. Put some more touches on 'True Love,' thanks to some guidance from one R. Riley. Sent off the new mix for his consideration.

Highlight of the day: because of the rain, there was an intersection near our house where the traffic lights were out, and two policemen were out directing traffic. Jeannie and I both commented on the fact that we really enjoy watching police officers direct traffic. Because it's something that seems complicated but they make it look so easy. It's like a big dance that takes up a whole intersection. I don't know. It's an interesting activity that I've always enjoyed but never had paid attention to enjoying.

We just had a laugh about Rich R. eating popcorn sandwiches. Here's to you, Richard!

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